What is Interaction Design?

Interaction Design (IxD) is the design of interactive products and services in which a designer’s focus goes beyond the item in development to include the way users will interact with it. Thus, close scrutiny of users’ needs, limitations and contexts, etc. empowers designers to customise output to suit precise demands.

Featured Interaction Design Project

I have worked with over 50 clients in the last 12 years across a wide variety of projects. Below I detail one of my favourite interaction design projects and outline some of the processes involved in reaching the final designs.

Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect is software integrated into every Android device, making it the most widely deployed mobile threat protection service in the world. It secures 2 billion Android users, and scans and verifies more than 50 billion apps daily.

Google hired me on a contract basis to plan and lead the design of the Google Play Protect Admin Dashboard from planning and facilitating the initial Google Ventures Design Sprint workshop with stakeholders through to the final design and research sessions with participants across a number of different countries.

Through each iteration the fidelity of the design increased as it was shared with both stakeholders (via Google’s internal ‘Gallery’ tool which allowed stakeholders to leave comments on the designs) and users to acquire feedback. This Lean UX process allowed fast iteration with external and internal validation at regular points.