The brief: Design an admin dashboard for ‘Google Play Protect’, a new Android feature to be utilised in over 1 billion handsets.

Date: July, 2017.   Tools: Sketch.  Flinto.  Sketchpad and pencil.  Whiteboards.

The approach: All I had to work with initially was a functional spec document from the Product Manager.  I decided to plan and facilitate a Google Ventures Design Sprint workshop to research the requirements of the dashboard and to initiate ideation of some initial designs.  Subsequent to the workshop I adopted a Lean UX approach, making use of a ‘build-measure-learn’ cycle to quickly iterate designs, show these to the business, usability test them with users, and then iterate accordingly.  After several cycles of this process the designs iterated to a point where the design team, product team, and research team were happy with how the dashboard operated and development work commenced based on these layouts.  The design process included high fidelity designs in Sketch, motion design in Flinto and Principle, some interaction testing in Axure, and of course good old pencil and paper sketching.  One of the final screens I worked on is included below.