Spotify Simple

I use Spotify daily and, therefore, have become all too aware of it’s idiosyncrasies as I reach the advanced user apex along the user curve. For my own usage, the Spotify interface is unnecessarily fiddly and the touch points too small, I often find myself poking around the interface and having to focus on tapping tiny icons to achieve relatively simple tasks. Were someone walking down the street, driving their car, or undertaking any other number of activities which require focus they should, surely, be able to skip to the next track and start or stop their music easily for example.

I have started designing an app I name ‘Spotify Simple’ it uses one button in the centre of the app, with a giant touch area. This can be tapped to start or stop or swiped right to skip or left to go to the previous track. I also like the idea of simplifying further and having touch points on the screen that control the music, so you could, for example, tap on the right on the screen to skip or in the centre to pause.

Here’s a video demo of some interaction testing I’ve done with start, stop, check track listing, and change album.